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WSFI 88.5FM presents WSFI Spotlight with Dr. Steven Mosher who discusses open letter to President Trump signed by 70 Scientists and Doctors with recommendations on moving our country forward.

June 18, 2020

World-renowned author and expert on China, Dr. Steven Mosher was one of the first to conclude the Wuhan Virus originated in a laboratory, not the wet market as originally claimed.  Dr. Mosher is the president and founder of the Population Research Institute, the consequence of him witnessing first hand as a Stanford doctoral student, the brutal, late-term abortions being conducted by the Communist Chinese government to enforce its one-child policy.  Now he speaks out about the fact the Wuhan virus was thrust on the world intentionally by the Communist Chinese regime, who were aware of the Human to Human transmission, and kept their international airports open while closing their own.  In the open letter to the president, many recommendations, including the use of Hydroxychloroquine (along with azithromycin plus zinc), and the hiring of a statistician to ensure more accurate reporting are included. 

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