WSFI 88.5FM Spotlight with Atty. Charlene Quint- Domestic Violence survivor dedicating her life to stopping it, and helping felllow survivors

March 16, 2019

In this episode of Spotlight, Atty Charlene Quint, a local attorney talks about her nightmare journey as a victim of domestic violence in Lake Forest, and her commitment to educate and prevent it, particularly through educating the clergy and religious leaders who are the "first responders".  Join her in conjunction with A SAFE PLACE on Wednesday, March 20, 2019, at LAKE COUNTY'S CONFERENCE FOR PASTORS AND CHURCH LEADERS, hosted by Gurnee Community Church. Presenters include Fr. Charles Dahm, OP, Director of the Archdiocese of Chicago Domestic Violence Outreach, Pastor Neil Shori, who gained notoriety in his role to Staci Peterson, fourth wife of a convicted murderer, Drew Peterson, and Nancy Dunsey, LPC MaMHC, Domestic abuse counselor at A SAFE PLACE in Lake County, IL.  For more information contact

WSFI 88.5FM Presents Spotlight with Lake County Illinois Young Adult Ministry (YAM) “Open Mic”

March 13, 2019

Alejandro Rivera hosts Lake County's Young Adult Ministry Leaders  Anthony Lee and Jim Stanislawski in OPEN MIC, as they share their faith journey back to the Catholic Faith.

WSFI 88.5FM Presents WSFI Spotlight with Singer, Songwriter P.J. Anderson and host Carmen Lopez, Church of Holy Apostles, McHenry, IL on March 8th 2019

March 5, 2019

Hear a sample of P.J. Anderson's music and find out the story behind the story in this Catholic recording artist whose songs have skyrocketed to Number 7 on iTunes.  Concert to be held at Church of Holy Apostles, McHenry, IL., Friday, March 8th at 7:00 PM. Tickets are available online at

WSFI 88.5FM Presents Healing the Whole Person - Healiing Today’s Catholic Church with with renowned Catholic Editor and Author, Philip Lawler

March 1, 2019

In this episode, Philip Lawler analyses the recent Vatican Summit with hosts Bonnie Quirke. Suzy McGinn and Rosemarie Simon.  Mr. Lawler is the editor of Catholic World News (the first English-language Catholic News Service operating on the Internet), author of ten books, most recently "Smoke of Satan,  former editor of Crisis Magazine, and Director of Studies for the Heritage Foundation. 


WSFI 88.5FM Presents Deacons’ Round Table with Deacon Alfred Coleman, SFO of Zacchaeus House

February 22, 2019

Host,  Deacon Dave Egan, is joined by panelists Deacon Richard Hudzik, Vicar of Deacons for the Archdiocese of Chicago and Deacon Mike Alandy of St. Mary of the Annunciation in Mundelein, IL as they discuss Deacon Coleman's vocation story and the work being done at Chicago's Zaccheus House 

WSFI 88.5FM Spotlight: Host Bonnie Quirke is joined by Mary Kate Knorr of IRTL and David Avignone of Illinois Citizens for Ethics regarding the Pray for Illinois Initiative

February 19, 2019

Lake County Right to Life founder, Bonnie Quirke is joined by Executive Directors Mary Kate Knorr of Illinois Right to Life and David Avignone of Illinois Citizens for Ethics about the new initiative to PRAY FOR ILLINOIS as well as the perilous legislation under consideration by the Illinois Legislature.


WSFI 88.5FM Presents: Episode 5 of Reclamation Theology with Kyle Clement: Reclaiming the Catholic Faith and its true teachings and traditions.

February 15, 2019

Come Home - Come Rome part 2.

Kyle Clement of the Liber Christo movement of Catholic Healing and Deliverance responds to the clergy sexual abuse crisis and implores our shepherds to do what they promised Jesus they would do... tend their sheep and turn away from evil. 

WSFI 88.5FM Presents: Episode 4 of Reclamation Theology with Kyle Clement: Reclaiming the Catholic Faith and its true teachings and traditions.

February 15, 2019

Come Home.. Come Rome... Kyle Clement discusses the importance of rejecting teachings inconsistent with the words and truth taught by Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church over the past 2000 years.

WSFI 88.5FM Presents: Episode 3: of Reclamation Theology with Kyle Clement: Reclaiming the Catholic Faith and its true teachings and traditions.

February 15, 2019

Kyle Clement, renowned for his work in healing, deliverance, and the rite of exorcism, teams up with Mariologist Dan Schneider to discuss the powerful protection and role of the Blessed Mother.. and warns of the false teachings of relativism and modernism. Don't miss these episodes brought to you by the Liber Christo movement and WSFI 88.5 FM Catholic Radio.

WSFI 88.5FM Spotlight: PAUL KIM, Feb. 22nd - Rich Sosa, Director of Music &Youth Ministry, Mary Mowry, Director of Religious Ed at St. Anne Catholic Parish in Pleasant Prairie Wi. :

February 12, 2019

Don't miss this upcoming event with Paul J. Kim 

February 22nd 2019 - 7:00 PM

The Branch, 1501 Washington Ave., Racine, WI

No charge

LIVE Music with Yole, EMCEE is Mary Mowry

WSFI 88.5FM Presents Healing the Whole Person with Fr. Monk Chris Crotty: Why I love the Byzantine Catholic Liturgy and Tradition

February 7, 2019

Host Joan McHugh is joined by Rosemarie Simon, Suzy McGinn, Jeannette Teller and Sarah, Fr. Crotty's associate, as they discuss the beauty and depth of the Byzantine Catholic Church.  Fr. Monk Crotty explains there are 24  Churches under the Roman Catholic Pontiff and discusses the saints and traditions available to help and heal us.