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WSFI 88.5FM presents : The Father Speaks to His Children Part 1- Message dictated by God the Father to Mother Eugenia Ravasio, - Contains imprimatur

August 2, 2019

I fell in love with the little booklet "The Father Speaks to His Children", which was obtained years ago at the EWTN bookstore as a free publication.  In it God the Father explains the history of man, and his many and undying attempts to shower us with his love and forgiveness.  He never gives up!  This was dictated to Mother Eugenia in latin, a language she did not speak.


I fell in love with God the Father after hearing His message, which was studied by the Catholic Church for ten years, before approval.  HE requested a feast day on the First Sunday of August or August 7th.  This request has yet to be fulfilled.  

Call me, Angela, if you'd like to obtain the transcript of this beautiful message. 224 206 8455

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